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To the lovely Stony/Superhusbands fanfic writers


Please be advised that Steve Rogers does not do the following:

1. bully others
2. blush every 20 fucking seconds
3. shy away from women
4. shy away from sex
5. take anyone’s shit
6. vote Republican in the 21st century
7. glorify war 
8. look down on women, people of color or homosexuals 

Steve Rogers does do the following

1. curse
2. crack jokes
3. use sarcasm
4. say no occasionally
5. kick your ass if you deserve it
6. know how to handle pressure 
7. know how to use technology 

Someone actually wrote that Steve had problems using a microwave and he ended up getting so frustrated he threw it out the window. Guys, it’s dialing a number and pressing start. Phones were more complicated in his day, trust me! Please, please, please get to know the characters just a bit more (and the context) before writing about them. Seriously, you’ll have so much more to work with if you have more information!

And what I don’t understand is some of this can be inferred if you’ve just seen the films. You don’t even have to read the comics! Where are people getting the idea that Cap wouldn’t curse? He says “hell”, “damn”, and “bastards” just in the films! He doesn’t stay away from women— women always stayed away from him. Not everything was invented in the 21st century, especially things like homosexuality, exploitation and short skirts. Please pop that protective bubble you have around him and realize he’s a grown man who adapts quickly to any situation. 

Thank you! <3

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“…thanks, dads,”




Peter Parker Starker. This deserves a fic.

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