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Can someone rec me some Science Bro fics? Not science boyfriends (although, meh, I’ll take that too, at this point). I’m just having all of these Bruce feels now, and I wanted to see some Bruce/Tony friendship fics =/ Where Tony’s all ‘boo hoo me, no one gets me’ and Bruce is all *speaks science* and they’re all *instant bonding where have you been all my life*
Recsss pleassseeee, pretty please? With sugar on top?
feel free to take this as a prompt too, i mean, hey 

Oh, and I need some Stony/Avengers/RDJ squee blogs to follow, to add to my beautiful collection of XMFC/cherik ones.

Any recs? reblog this, smoke signal me, msg, anything and I’ll follow <3

“…thanks, dads,”




Peter Parker Starker. This deserves a fic.

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